International Qualitative Market Research

About Halina Research

Understand your clients perspective

What does your target group think, wish, desire? What do they really want and need? What are the main drivers that explain their behavior? How can consumer insights be used to improve your business?

Halina Research explores crucial questions that will help you to develop products and services to serve your target group better.

Halina Research is an international orientated market professional office in the Netherlands. The office works on national and international researches for more than 20 years.

Halina Research is specialized in qualitative research methods. Halina’s background is a degree in Communication Science and Marketing Communications at Radboud University Netherlands.

Our philosophy

Benefit through insights

Our goal is to help your company benefit from the insights we find through our research.

By obtaining in-depth market information about the needs and wishes of your clients, your company can improve its products services and be more successful.

We want to fully understand and explain people's thoughts, perceptions, emotions, (hidden) motives, needs, demands, wishes, attitudes, intentions and behavior.

The aim is to deliver quality in all phases of research on the basis of detail, completeness, sensitivity, empathy and objectivity.


Know the Dutch market

This is what we offer:

  • National and international research in the Netherlands: We offer national and international qualitative research to gain insights in the local Dutch market. International research is able to reveal features and subtle cultural differences between markets. We can help you to explore your market in the Netherlands by offering strategic advice and practical support in the field of qualitative research.

  • Tailor made research: The research strategy is tailored to the clients need and situation.

  • Full service. Halina Research can lead a complete research (from strategy determination and moderation to analysis and final conclusions) or take over parts of a research project (recruitment, set up guidelines, moderation, transcripts, analysis and reporting).
Research methods

Reveal crucial insight information about your market

Halina Research focusses on the following qualitative research methods:

  • Depth Interviews (face-to-face, online, phone, video)
  • Focus Group research (face-to-face, online)
  • Patients journeys
  • Accompanied shopping
  • Mystery shopping
  • Community research
  • Diary research

Our Team

Work with experienced research partners

Halina Research can draw on a wide network of (international) senior researchers, which makes it possible to carry out large projects and to put together dedicated research teams.

We operate in the Netherlands but also connect with researchers in Italy, Germany, Spain and England.

Projects are carried out by experienced researchers exclusively. An account is therefore accepted and executed by senior researchers only.

Areas of expertise

Put your client first

The research fields in which Halina Research operates are:

  • Healthcare
  • Business-to-Business
  • Consumer research
  • Ethnographic research
  • Usability research
  • Communication research
  • Media research
  • Customer satisfaction research
  • Corporate reputation research
  • Concept design research

Our Clients

Research that supports your business

Halina Research customers can be found in the following businesses:

International research offices, health organizations, pharma companies, retailers, banks, (care) insurers, pension funds, government, energy providers, telecommunication providers, designers, police, transport, new media, education, automotive, agrobusiness, culture, sports and leisure.


Happy to meet you

For questions, proposals and quotes please contact us:

Halina Hendrickx

0031 6 50 24 12 17

Schildersweg 15, Plasmolen, The Netherlands

Linkedin: Halina Hendrickx